Do you think Heath should watch Star Trek (2009) yet?

Should Heath watch the 2009 Star Trek film before finishing TOS?

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Okay everyone before you answer let me make the case for and against (you’ll hear some of this in The Corbomite Maneuver episode but bear with me).

So right now Heath has seen none of the episodes except for The Trouble With Tribbles and the episodes we’ve already seen.  It’s an interesting social experiment that had the ultimate pay off in The Corbomite Maneuver where he didn’t see the twist coming.

My concerns are that I don’t want anything spoilt for him, and to be honest I don’t really think any of the new films do this except for the character Khan in Star Trek Into Darkness.  But of course as everyone would argue this is not the same Khan.

I don’t like the idea of Heath not seeing Star Trek Beyond in cinemas and waiting three or four years to see it (or for that matter the upcoming Star Trek series) so my vote is going to be personally he should be able to enjoy Star Trek Beyond and the two films before it and still enjoy seeing original trek for the first time.

Let us know what you think!!!



A strange group of children are discovered on an Earth-like planet.

You would think the discovery of an exact replica of Earth would be grounds for an intriguing science fiction story yet in Miri it simply serves the backdrop for the episode.

Apologies for the sound quality in the first half of the episode, stick with it as it improves around half way.

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What Are Little Girls Made Of?


Nurse Christine Chapel is reunited with her old fiance on Exo III, but the scientist has plans for Captain Kirk and the Federation.

Once again we apologise for the delay (well Lee apologises at the very least because it’s primarily his fault!).

This is the podcast that we had to re-record so you would think it would be more polished and professional!

We discuss the impact on technology merging with humanity and the ideas around the importance for a biological body in order to maintain who we are.

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Mudd’s Women


The Enterprise picks up a intergalactic conman, Harry Mudd, and three incredibly beautiful women who harbor a dark secret.

I’m not going to lie to you, this episode goes well off the rails.  We discuss Mudd’s Women for approximately 15% of the podcast and the rest of it is spent wandering around what ridiculous trains of thought that we can come up with.

I would argue that this isn’t the best episode to begin with (of Star Trek or this podcast).

We discuss many adult concepts and giggle like 12 year olds.

I’m sorry.


The Enemy Within


A transporter malfunction causes Captain Kirk to split into his “good” and “evil” selves, and a landing party will freeze to death if the crew is unable to find a way to merge the two Kirks back together.

It’s hard to not like an episode that features an alien unicorn dog but Heath and Lee give it a red hot go!

It’s an interesting episode for discussion and maybe not so much for watching.  Along with Unicorn Dog we discover “Useless Sulu” and also we wonder what Uhura does on her days off.

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The Naked Time


A strange alien substance causes the crew to act out their deepest inhibitions, while the ship plummets out of orbit.

Four episodes in and is this the one that drives a wedge between Heath and Lee?!?!?  Someone loves it and someone is not so keen, you’ll have to listen to the podcast to find out who!

They also discuss Star Trek porn.

Lee says “boob”.

Heath also shares his childhood moment of fame as a child of Romper Room.

Where No Man Has Gone Before


Kirk’s friend, Gary Mitchell, is transformed into a God-like entity.

Wow! The third episode already and we’re talking about Where No Man Has Gone Before, the second pilot episode for Star Trek!

We learn that Heath does not have a huge lens for his camera, if you know what I mean. Lee is excited to be pirating toys via 3D printing technology and they also discuss the challenges of being endowed with god like abilities.

Where No Man Has Gone Before is a surprisingly strong episode and it very much speaks to why Star Trek endures 50 years later.

Let us know what you think!

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Charlie X


A powerful teenage boy wreaks havoc aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise.

In this week’s edition of Star Trek First Watch Lee and Heath discuss just how unlikeable one teenage boy with godlike powers adopted by a giant floating green head can really be.

Heath brings his photographic expertise in to discuss lighting and Lee wants all his photos to now be in shadow except for the eyes…

Oh yeah this kid seems normal...
Oh yeah this kid seems normal…

Heath and Lee also discuss dating tips from Captain Kirk and declare that card tricks no matter how bloody magical should never be used to try and impress the ladies.

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The Man Trap

Welcome to the very first episode of the Star Trek First Watch podcast, the podcast where Heath Carney watches Star Trek for the very first time and I Lee Sargent watch it for the thousandth time.

The Man Trap is the very first episode of Star Trek that aired back on the 8th of September 1966.

Please forgive us as this is Heath’s first podcast and it’s been a while since I launched and produced a podcast.

Love to hear your thoughts on the episode and do us a favour by spreading the word!

Next week: Charlie X

Hand plant forever!!!!

Hand plant from Star Trek